Two weeks ago, I posted pictures of two premature twins. Since that time, they have both being doing so well that they have become my favorite patients. They are no longer on IV and are sucking like normal babies. This morning, we even started talking to the mother about possible discharge dates. These babies are the miracles that I dare to hope for. Their survival, against all odds, is a reminder to me of God’s sovereignty and grace.

 This afternoon however, the larger twin began to forget to breathe. This apnea is very common in premature babies. When he is breathing, he is fine. But fairly often, he just stops, and it is always a scare to get him to breathe again. In the U.S. we have monitors and machines, but here, we have no real way to monitor him apart from just watching him. If you read this today, please be praying for her throughout the night. Pray that the mom and the nurses are attentive. Pray that “twin 1” would remember to breathe. Pray that spells of apnea would pass quickly. Pray that God would give her each breath and that her life would be spared. Pray for the mother, Asana, that she would believe and hope for life.

Thank you for praying with me. It is truly the desire of my heart for these twins to go home healthy! In this, I am hoping for great things.

Happy Father’s day, dad! I wish I could be there! I love you very much!